Vertical Lifts

We're proud to offer our clients with the accessibility provided by Ram and EZ Access vertical lifts. Sometimes the last few steps can be the hardest. But with one of our vertical lifts can it a breeze.


Scroll over the lifts to learn more and then click the button to contact us for availability and pricing.

Ram Trus-T-Lift

With a Trus-T-Lift™ home lift, porches, verandahs and upper levels - up to 14ft floor to floor - become accessible for people in wheelchairs, scooters or anyone who has trouble walking up and down stairs. RAM is dedicated to removing accessibility barriers and improving the lives of thousands of people and families.

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EZ Access Passport

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Passport® Vertical Platform Lift, known on the market as the lightest residential platform lift available, weighs in at less than 400 pounds and features an individually prewired platform lift tower and gate for easy installation. This vertical platform lift is used most commonly for individuals with limited mobility and is a great solution for any difficult pathway, porch or platform.

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