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Ramp Systems

With EZ Access modular ramp systems there is literally no building or space that is in accessible. And because of their modular design, EZ Access ramps can be quickly configured and installed, often in a little a a few hours. EZ Access offers two modular systems: Pathway for home use and Titan for uses that require ADA and other code compliance.


Scroll over the Ramp systems to learn more and then click the button to contact us for availability and pricing.

EZ Access Pathway Systems

With Pathway Modular Ramps, you can be confident that accessibility to your home will be provided correctly, completely, and safely. Pathway Modular Ramps are designed to provide the perfect option for residential settings when you’re looking for something more sturdy and permanent that a portable ramp. This American-made modular ramp may be combined with platforms and or stairs to create a custom solution for your home. Made of durable aluminum. Powder coating options are also available.

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EZ Access Code Compliant Systems

The TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Ramps – is fully compliant with ADA, IBC, and local code guidelines. When an accessibility solution is needed for modular structures, portable classrooms or site-built structures the Titan Code Compliant Modular Ramps can be combined with steps and platforms to create the ideal solution. It’s field-proven design can be configured to fit most applications. Powder coating options are also available.

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