Mobility Lifts

We are pleased to offer the line of powerchair and scooter lifts from the EZ Access Haulway line. These fully powered lifts make taking your chair or scooter on the road easier than ever.


Scroll over the lifts to learn more and then click the button to contact us for availability and pricing.


The HAULWAY™ Lite Scooter and Power Chair Lift is the perfect automatic external lift solution for individuals with a Class II or Class III hitch and a smaller mobility device. This lightweight Scooter and Power Chair Lift automatically tilts your mobility device for a secure hold over steep inclines and folds up when not in use. The HAULWAY™ Lite Scooter and Power Chair Lift features a 175-pound weight capacity, an integrated suspension system, lock-down arm and much more. Order now and make transporting your mobility device easier with the HAULWAY™ Lite Scooter and Power Chair Lift!

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HAULWAY Standard

The HAULWAY™ Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift is designed for a variety of mobility devices and may be used on vehicles with a Class II or Class III hitch. The HAULWAY™ Standard is our most popular automatic external lift solution. With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, integrated suspension system, and your choice of trays, the HAULWAY™ Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift is equipped to carry medium to large 3- or 4-wheel scooters or medium-sized power chairs. Simply turn a key to raise or lower your mobility device and watch as the HAULWAY™ Standard automatically tilts for added safety and folds up when not in use.

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HAULWAY Heavy Duty

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When it comes to heavy-duty security and functionality, the HAULWAY™ Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift is the total package. The HAULWAY™ Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift is designed for large scooters and power chairs. Features include a 325-pound weight capacity, integrated suspension system, fully boxed base frame, and optional swingaway. Its universal tray design accommodates a wide range of mobility devices without the need for multiple trays and configurations. Order the HAULWAY™ Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift today to haul your heavy-duty scooter or power chair with ease.

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