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We feature a number of products that allow patients to recover and rehabilitate at home. From continuous motion to breast pumps, Access One has got you covered.


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Chattanooga CPM

Chattanooga offers a complete and extensive line of Continuous Passive Motion products to fit every need. Our durable CPMs are designed to hold up to the rigors of the home health market, maintain reliability year after year and lead the industry in ease of use.

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SC-3008 T Sequential Circulator

The SC-3008-T is intended for the primary or adjunctive treatment of primary or secondary Lymphedema. The device is intended for alternate treatment of chronic venous stasis ulcers and associated venous insufficiency, as well as general treatment of swelling of the extremities. The device is intended for home or hospital use.

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Chattanooga Electrotherapy

Long known for innovative clinical electrotherapy, Chattanooga offers you a full line of portable electrotherapy products with Intelect TENS units and Intelect NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) units. Treat multiple patient needs from pain management to the prevention or retardation of disuse muscle atrophy. All devices come with lead wires, 9-volt battery, DURA-STICK® Self-Adhesive Electrodes and a convenient carrying case.

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Why Medela?

Medela breastpumps have the original 2-Phase Expression® technology which, using the one-touch let down button, has been shown to produce more milk in less time. Medela is the only company to provide proven, research-based pump technology that mimics a baby’s natural nursing pattern. Through research, Medela learned that there are two distinct phases of how babies breastfeed. Stimulation phase – when babies first go to breast, they suck faster to start milk flowing. Expression phase – after milk flow or “let down” starts, babies breastfeed with a slower deep suck to remove milk.

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Daavlin Phototherapy

Thousands of hospitals, patients, dermatology clinics and universities around the world have chosen Daavlin. Our reputation for high-quality, technologically advanced phototherapy devices and outstanding customer service has made us a valuable partner in every one of these places.

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